Apple Banquets & Catering

Great food for every occasion 

Thank you for considering Apple Banquets & Catering for your function.  You can count on our entire staff to deliver friendly service with country flair!  Our banquet menus include an assortment of our most popular items.  But don’t hesitate to ask for something that’s not on the regular banquet menu.  It would be our pleasure to design something to suit your special occasion. Our talented chef will do everything possible to accommodate your requests.


Real Potatoes

All inclusive


One of our customers judges the quality of caterers by their potatoes.  Real potatoes are good...and potato buds or flakes are ... well, they're just not the same. 

Rest assured that all of our potatoes are the real thing.  The same goes for our other menu items. 
Hors d'oeuvres are hand made.  Roast beef is slow cooked in our professional Alto Sham cooker that ensures the meat stays moist and tender.  Anything stuffed, breaded or deep fried is all done by our staff in our professional catering kitchen.  

We're constantly trying out new recipes.  So feel free to ask us about new items that aren't on the menu yet.  We'll do our best to cater to you!        

One price includes hall rental (at the Days Inn, Knights of Columbus and Florian Banquet Center [formerly Lawrence Hall]), your meal, real china, premium silverware, real glassware, table linens and skirting for your head table and most of your other special tables.  Not included is the 6% sales tax and 18% service charge.  For weddings or parties of less than 100 people there is an extra charge of $5 per person for each person less than 100.  So, for a party of 75 that's an extra $125 for hall rental.  This still makes the Knights of Columbus and Florian Banquet Center very affordable options for smaller events. 

No need to wonder about surprises on the final bill.... we tell you up front what is included and what your price per person will be!

Buffet Decor -- we do our best to ensure that food tastes wonderful and looks good.  We use greenery and flowers where appropriate (and with your permission) to decorate your buffet table, cake table,  and coffee service area.